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Its Cyrillic alphabet is phonetic; its grammar is synthetic, conveying information through word modification rather than order.

Contemporary literary Ukrainian developed in the eighteenth century from the Poltava and Kyiv dialects.

Ruthenian , a Latinization of Rusyn , was used by the Vatican and the Austrian Empire designating Ukrainians. Ukraine, Europe's second largest country during the twentieth century, occupies 232,200 square miles (603,700 square kilometers).The 1863 patriotic song "Ukraine Has Not Perished," composed by Myxaylo Verbyts'kyi from a poem of Pavlo Chubyns'kyi, became the Ukrainian national anthem in 1917 and was reaffirmed in 1991.These symbols were prohibited as subversive under the Soviets, but secretly were cherished by all Ukrainian patriots.Formerly repressed, Ukrainian and other ethnic languages in Ukraine flourished at the end of the twentieth century.Ukrainian language use grew between 19, as evidenced by the increase of Ukrainian schools in multiethnic oblasts.

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