Dating quimper pottery

It gave its name to a county which was held by the counts of Blois, and the counts of Champagne, and afterwards by the House of Châtillon, a member of which sold it to the Crown in 1286.

It is not known how the famous and unique blue, bleu de Chartres, of the glass was created, and it has been impossible to replicate it.The steep, narrow streets of the old town contrast with the wide, shady boulevards which encircle it and separate it from the suburbs. Jean", a pleasant park, lies to the north-west, and squares and open spaces are numerous.Part of the Hôtel de Ville (City Hall) is a building of the 17th century called Hôtel de Montescot.The game pies and other delicacies of Chartres are well known, and the industries also include flour-milling, brewing, distilling, iron-founding, leather manufacture, perfumes, dyeing, and the manufacture of electronic equipment, car accessories, stained glass, billiard requisites and hosiery.Since 1976 fashion and perfumes company Puig has a production plant in this commune.

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