Dating practices of iraq

They continue to live in the same neighborhood, to intermarry, and to group together on a kinship basis.

Although the family is losing ground where social change is occurring most rapidly (such as in cities), family loyalty still dominates all aspects of Iraqi life.

However, relatives generally remain closely tied in a web of intimate relationships.Supported by religious ideology and teachings, the prevailing standards of morality stress values and norms associated with traditional ideas of femininity, motherhood, and sexuality.At the heart of the role of women is the belief that a family's honor is tied to a woman's modesty and faithfulness.According to a school survey conducted in 2003-04 by the Ministry of Education and UNICEF, only 5.7 per cent of children between the ages of three and five attend preschools – the majority of which are in urban areas – and the schools are generally of poor quality.UNICEF has taken several steps to bridge this education gap.

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