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In other words, most of my men are the one you should be dating in real life – the kind that are open to learning and growth and are willing to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to better connect with women.The guy who called me today is completely different – and I had such an interesting phone call with him that I wanted to share it with you.“James” tells me that he’s 30 years old, living in Seattle, working in IT. A little angry, perhaps, but I’m used to getting clients who aren’t too happy with the fact that they’re reaching out to a dating coach.There isn’t a woman in the world who’d enjoy going out with a man who believes that ALL women are fickle and unfair. He mumbled something about helping him meet women who were different than the women he’s been dating. ”“What I’m telling you, James, is that you’re the common denominator in your life.I couldn’t hold back any longer.“I hate to tell you, my friend, but the problem isn’t with all the women in Seattle. And, logically, since I can’t change Seattle, or women, or, or anything else, the greatest shift is going to come in how you approach women, how you understand women, how you flirt with women, how you connect with women. That’s what yields the best, most long-lasting results.”James and I aren’t going to be working together. I can’t help someone who doesn’t truly want to understand, learn, and grow.I enjoy working with guys because, when they’re motivated, they’re hardworking and highly coachable.Plus, the men who gravitate towards me are usually “nice guys” who just need a little bit of an edge to succeed wildly with women.Packaging and Fulfillment Systems meet the requirements for automated, high reliability and maximum flexibility to make your mailing, fulfillment, packaging, printing and distribution business more efficient.

After 12 weeks of coaching with me, you know who’s going to be the same? As such, the ONLY thing we can do is change how YOU’RE approaching dating. ”James paused for a second, gritted his teeth, and said, “I don’t want to change very much. Do you get bent out of shape when men IGNORE you online, DON’T FOLLOW UP after dates, and generally seem to want the PERFECT woman?

I’ve got a great story that I want to share with you today.

Even though I bill myself as a dating coach for “smart, strong, successful women”, I still maintain a few male clients.

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