Dating persian girl

I’ve been smacked, had things thrown at me and have heard phrases I didn’t know existed; all by Persian girls.

5.) You are no Geisha: You may have noticed I find Persian girls to be .

My talent is that I’ve managed to piss off my share of women.

Trust me, no girl can come close to matching the fury of an angry Persian girl.

I am asking in general, from guys with the differ from white girls? I don't think they expect more or less than white girls.

In my experience if she is young and the parents are conservative... This one doesnt seem to hold either trait, although I dont take her to crap places either as I prefer the nicer joints.

Either way, I’ve talked a big game, but it is difficult for me to stay away from Iranian girls. I have met numerous strong and independent Persian women that don’t fit negative generalizations, so I don’t need to act like a about it.

Just as Persian girls need to tone down the makeup, Persian men need to lay off the hair gel and cologne.

In my experience if she is young and the parents are conservative...

It's not like other types of inter-cultural dating.

I can’t stand it when someone is being foozool around me.

I’ve had Persian girls whose favourite past time was prying in the lives of others, even being enough to ask me about my close friends’ relationship problems. Again applicable to Iranians, but much more to girls.

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