Dating my optometrist

Meade Hammond Kendrick III, OD, Memphis, TN, via ODs on Facebook In one of my offices, I had two techs who got into a knock-down, drag-out brawl in the office—biting, kicking, scratching, and hair pulling. Ben Cohen, Rochester, NY, via ODs on Facebook I worked with an OD who would make inappropriate comments and hit on she has one of her employees live at her house. Troy Bedinghaus, OD, Bradenton, FL, via ODwire Years ago when I started to grow, I had one optician and had to hire another optician.The first must have thought she was the queen bee and would have been the only one.We often hear from ODs about their problems managing their staff, but once you read these staff horror stories, we bet your staffing headaches will look tame in comparison.We asked eyecare providers on ODs on Facebook and ODwire to share their worst staff horror stories, and boy, did they deliver. He is great with kids and its always a delight to come in for eye appointments. Heck..almost seemed to care more than I do about my eyes and vision. Goerl has been a leading optometrist in Haymarket for over 15 years.

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Richard Frankel, OD, Somerset, NJ, via ODwire I caught an employee stealing and forging blank checks. It turns out she had an extra key, came in after hours, and tried to burn the office down to get rid of the evidence.

A couple of months later, a Federal Department of Labor agent shows up with paperwork giving him the right to audit five years worth of payroll records.

We ended up having to pay her and all other staff big bucks in supposedly unpaid lunches.

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