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Just my opinion but I think a psycho thriller/serial killer type roll would be great for'd make a beautiful killer. Ripley (starred Matthew Damon) Of course, I'm I think you can play anything, from intellectually challenged (mental ill), Saulabi (Korean Samurai), Sulsa (Korea's version of a Ninja), a serial womanizer, or a dancer think Dirty Dancing, Magic Mike, or Salsa (starred Draco Rosa..was hot back in the day).... i'm looking forward to "ninja assassin" and hope, that someday we can see him in germany for a concert.

Anyways, I've said all this just to say that you a fantastic actor, an amazing singer and entertainer.

Oppa i want to see u so close, im fallin in love since i saw your hairstyle without ponytile in shes so loveable korean drama. Oh oppaaaa i want to kiss uuuu:* i really crazy in love with uuuu...

I saw him, in Ninja Assassin these days before, and I've started to research about him!

That aside, I loved you in your latest television drama "My Lovely Girl," I think you did the best you could with such a young cast.

This might be perceived as rude to say, but I have yet to see you in a drama or movie with a leading female that can do justice to your character or abilities on-screen.

I had the pleasure of watching your last television drama "My Lovely Girl" and it was nice but I feel strongly that you could have had a stronger female lead than the one cast.

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I believe you have it in you to be a mega star on-screen, you just need the right movie role.

I wouldn't say attractive, but interesting enought to look at him. Well, it's been several months since Ji-hoon a/k/a Rain Bi has been released from the military, and all of his "die-hards" couldn't be happier....right, right.

:-) I could never imagine, that he is so famous in Asia.. Rain would be great if he starred in an action/romance. So, I've been looking forward to what he will release next as a movie, and it looks to be a thriller/action type film with no other than Bruce Willis.... I love you so much and I wish all the best for your military training.

Truth be told, a lot of your fans had hopes for a Ninja Assassin sequel..I guess the time has passed for that.

Personally, I've think you could play anything from a serial womanizer, a serial killer (think Ted Bundy...a real life American serial killer who was good-looking for his time thereby allowing him the opportunity to kill as many women as he did), a dancer....yeah, I know but truly you could (think something like Salsa which starred Darco Rosa or Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze)...a period piece I'd like to see you try a historical piece.

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