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In this particular tweet he replies to publication of the Haunt the Buk report by Micha Kobs. While the accusation of being a conspirator or a ¨putinist troll¨ – pretty efficient ways of the argumentum ad hominem attack to neutralize criticism – is never far away, one should be aware of the dark past of western governments in waging wars of propaganda.Especially the part played by the servile media, utilized to build narratives of great inimical evil upon, is salient in this respect.As a disclaimer I would like to start with giving my own opinion.This opinion holds the track-a-trail story of a stand-alone Buk missile system brought in from Russia and moving from Donetsk to a site south of Snizhne to shoot down a civilian plane, is fraudulent.KRADS is led by architects; Kristján Eggertsson, Kristján Örn Kjartansson, Kristoffer Juhl Beilman & Mads Bay Møller.

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In this examination the most important social media evidence constructing a possible answer to the question who downed civilian airliner MH17 will be reviewed to list the (imho) most important problems.Though sources should always be assessed on its own merits and there is some, although limited room for dissenting views from journalists who take their job seriously, its imperative never to forget this.Second, when we are investigating social media accounts we also have to deal with the psychology, ideological affiliations or motives of personal gain of the people interviewing, being interviewed or posting as kind of privatized information sources.Because of the huge geopolitical stakes at hand in this case, all witness accounts have to be reviewed very carefully and cannot be trusted at face value.This is also valid for accounts from well respected sources like western newspapers.

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