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The only problem is when I go to get my pants tailored and the asian lady inevitably says "oh, no butt... The don't have hips, until they're in drag & suddenly- bam.

The only one that didn't pad was Carmen Carrera, whose thighs weremostly silicone... Later on, one of them admitted to it - this season, I think.

Posting thousands of posts about a guy you hate so totally is of course not weird at all.I agree that he looks great in the Superman outfit, but it's clearly made to accentuate..likely enhance his assets. I'm going to ask a very dumb question, so I apologize in advance (and I'm too lazy to google): Was he the kid in "Road to Perdition," or is that another actor? oh, no still no butt [folds further] - mm....well, maybe this....[still seems disappointed] best I can do"There are limits to how much ass you can build in the gym. That's why body builders get calf implants who have huge quads and feel imbalanced there. Recker is huge all over - everything on him is enormous... This pic is the equivalent to putting a sock in your pants.I get all of these younger guys confused.[quote] Outraged Matt Damon & Anthony Recker to hold joint news conference at noon! Their butts are bigger than Hoeclin's (and in Recker's case, much bigger and rounder). Yes, R88 - I've never been that self-conscious about my small white ass until I came to DL. I've been a fairly successful bottom with an small ass. It reminds me of the padding from the Drag Race queens.A batboy who has seen him naked has said pretty much the same thing.He said something like "Oh, my god, I couldn't believe that thing existed."[quote]Uh oh, mustn't get the Cavill fangurls in a panic.

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