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At the same time it opens a wormhole in the caves so Helge (more on him later too) can go through, find the bodies and move them out of the cellar to be found.

The boy found in episode one is Mads, brother of Ulrich, who went missing as a teenager in 1986 and turns up in 2019.

Noah says she lied to The Stranger – but it's not like he's terribly trustworthy anyway.

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Only when he gets back into the town he realises it's not 2019, in fact it's 1986.

Agnes and Tronte are new in town (and rent a room from Claudia's mother).

Claudia is an expert time-traveller – and at war with Noah to control time travel.

SPOILERS FROM HERE ONVery handily, Christianlorenz97 has created this family tree of the key residents of Winden.

In an attempt to get our own heads around exactly what happened by the end of the last ep we've prepared this handy explainer.

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