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Founded in 1947 by Alex “Shoney” Shoenbaum when he opened the “Parkette Drive-In” adjacent to his father’s bowling alley in Charleston, West Virginia.Shoenbaum became a Big Boy franchiser in 1952 and changed the name of his restaurant to Parkette Big Boy Shoppe. In 1982, the company began franchising restaurants in other states under the name Shoney’s Towne and Country.Shoney s should be grateful for the two employees that were working.I know that if I am in Cartersville again this is not where I will spent my hard earned money.Back in the 80’s I worked at Shoney s in Chattanooga, TN and if out store ever looked like this mess the wrath of management would have fallen!We were required to carry evidently that’s fallen by the way. Dawn was busting her butt while the other pretty much done very little.

I think Shoney s prices have soared as service has fallen.

I wanted to get up and show them how we used to work in the days I was employed by Shoney s.

I think at my age and with my disability that Dawn and I could have handled things so much better than things were done tonight.

Good training and a love for serving others goes a long way.

I have never forgotten the tools I learned when i was a waitress back then.

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