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You can help lift the mood of any elderly people special in your life on your next visit to them - at home or at their assisted living community - by asking them to reflect on their past. Be proactive for your and your loved ones’ #safety! Always keep a clear path through each room of your house, removing any objects, furniture, cords or rugs that may be in the way.Here are a few questions to get the ball rolling: *-*Who has been the most important person in your life? STAIRS AND STEPSTake a careful look at the steps both inside and outside your home.Add a few safety items to your bathroom, if you don’t already have them: non-slip rubber mat in the tub or shower and grab bars in and beside the tub and next to the toilet.BEDROOMSIs the path from your bed to the bathroom well lit? She is the co-author of Our Separate Ways: Black... To join us as a 2018 conference sponsor, please click on the “Become a Sponsor” link below and complete our sponsorship commitment form.

You or your loved one will enjoy this brand new community with all of its amenities while preserving your quality of life with integrity and dignity.It was introduced by Republican Justin Burr and “provides that a person driving an automobile while exercising due care is immune for civil liability for any injury to another if the injured person was participating in a demonstration or protest and blocking traffic.” “As we’ve seen, time and time again, as folks run out in the middle of the streets and the interstates in Charlotte and attempt to block traffic,” Burr said.The Republican commented that he wants to ensure that “drivers don’t have to fear driving through Charlotte or anywhere in North Carolina.” “This bill does not allow for the driver of a vehicle to target protesters intentionally,” he added.Psychologists have long used reminiscence therapy - a practice that draws out life histories, written, oral, or both, backed by research dating back to the 1970s - to improve psychological well-being of older adults.Done in groups or individually, memories of significant life events are recalled using prompts such as photographs, music or topics. Psychologist Alan Dienstag was recently featured on the NPR show On Being, where he discussed the Lifelines Writing Group he co-hosted with author Don De Lillo for people with Alzheimer’s in New York.

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