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You’ve got to clear this fantasy from your view if you want to feel good about your life regardless of what happens next. I tended to think this way when I was a little depressed and nothing else in my life was moving forward. Feel proud of what you’ve built, and make changes that will make you feel even more proud.

People “liking” you on multiple apps and then not responding to your messages is also common.It makes me feel bitter and frustrated, like I am spending a lot of energy chasing something that is simply unattainable for me.I’ve asked pretty much everyone I know to fix me up, only to be told that no one seems to know anyone who is available.The aim of “giving up” here amounts to: (1) cutting out the kind of unfocused longing that drives you mad; (2) refusing to waste your time on an online-dating culture that mostly serves people looking for quick sex; and (3) committing to taking care of yourself instead of entertaining the notion that someone else can do this for you.But it doesn’t necessarily involve WRITING OFF LOVE FOREVER AND EVER.

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