Dating hina dolls

It is day for setting up martial displays often including dolls representing the warrior history and virtues of Japan (musha-ningyo).

Most distinctive is the practice of flying carp-shaped banners or windsocks representing the children in the family.

Undoubtedly, the dolls represented one of the most splendid and valuable possession in the home and was cherished not just by girls, but the entire household.

Girls and their mothers unwrap and display a large doll collection (the hina dolls, with the dairi-bina imperial couple presiding) on a tiered red stand, and visit each other’s collections.Interestingly, one of the central places for the manufacture of hina dolls is Iwatsuki, which is only about 20 km away…Lovely antique china head doll in original clothing.Each household with young girls display hina dolls from early February for the health and prosperity of their daughters.The dolls are also associated with marriage and there is a belief that if you display the dolls past March 3rd it will adversely effect your daughter’s future marriage potential.

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