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He founded the town to keep Raos of Idar State in check.It is said that he was so fond of the place that he thought of making it, instead of Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat Sultanate.Since 1961, Himatnagar is the administrative headquarter and part of Sabarkantha district of Gujarat.The white sandstone and cement walls of the original fort, though much ruined in parts still surround the heart of town.

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At the foot of the flight of steps, which form one of the sides of the pit, is a stone basin, filled with water from a perennial spring and with stone cloisters round three of its sides.

Himatnagar (GEN) is a State Assembly/Vidhan Sabha constituency in the Sabarkantha district and North Gujarat region of Gujarat and is a part of the Sabarkantha Parliamentary/Lok Sabha constituency.

There are a total of 252268 voters in the constituency, of which 129414 are male, 122839 female and 15 others.

At the back of the west cloister is a ladies gallery hidden from sight by carved open stone screens.

On the south side is a building with a stone canopy intended for the king or chief man of the place, who during the heat of the day came with his ladies to enjoy this cool retreat.

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