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During the fall season, I spend a lot of time searching for fresh scares.I’m immune to haunted houses and horror movies, because neither one force me out of my comfort zone.Gore doesn’t irk me, and monsters are Let's Plays without feeling much in my gut.Like I do with haunted houses and horror films, I always know that none of the scares are real.But I still wanted to dive back in, and I spent time with myself to understand what I had to overcome in order to continue the game.In the process, I realized how utilizes an underrated aspect of the horror experience: control, or the lack thereof.leads you down a dark path, leading to the shocking and emotional death of one character.

It’s a slow burn that begins with you and group of cute girls who must prove that their literature club is worth becoming an official school organization.

If and when the player moves ahead to begin this new file, the game seems to react at any hint of this former character, and the client loudly glitches and morphs until it seems satisfied with its outcome.

Soon into the next run-through, the client repeatedly takes control of itself, speeding through text and tacking on unusual images to create grotesque jump scares.

The point of many games becomes, then, that fear often makes you lose control, and just as often, loss of control makes you lose the game.

The “action-adventure horror house” is an effective and proven genre, with tactics such as jump-scares, claustrophobic encounters and high-adrenaline chases that work despite their tired use.

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