Dating disasters of sirius black

Brave and loyal to a fault he was willing to die for the ones he loved.Although selfless and courageous, Sirius was arrogant and mischievous proving to be a troublemaker during his time at Hogwarts. in Political Science with a minor in Classical Studies from the University of Florida (Go GATORS! She is fluent in Latin and has a passion for translation. in Journalism and a minor in Fine Art from The University of Central Florida.Sirius and Remus refuse to submit to Dumbledore's plan and take him back to Grimmauld Place with them, where they must learn how to live together, how to care for one another, and how to trust one another. Will they even have a chance when a war rages outside their door? Sirius has a very particular and unusual and embarrassing problem since he became an animagus, and he is mortified but also scared and does what anyone with James as a friend would do, and asks to talk to him about it. he can't quite bring himself to say what the problem is. " Remus almost laughed at the absurdity."Last year.

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A strong beer is perfect for this gentle giant with a fondness for drinks.

Hermione Granger Ron is the loveable, funny friend and best mate to Harry Potter, Known for his moodiness, insecurity he can sometimes be hurtful but will always comes through when his friends need him the most.

Marked by a large family and a famous best friend, Ron secretly hopes for his own personal glory. Ronald Weasley Sirius is carelessly handsome and has a casual elegance; he is the best friend of Harry’s father James and Harry’s godfather.

Hagrid is an enormous man, being a half-giant, but despite his large frame he is gentle as a mouse.

A kind-hearted man easily loved by Ron, Hermione, and Harry who valued his loyalty and courage.

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