Dating directrix

He said he was bound by confidentiality so could not tell me.

I was not told in any of my interviews (or ever, really) that I could not disclose that I was applying to this job.

The director recently asked one of my direct reports, Jill, to endorse her on social media.

Jill is not a member of this organization (and thus cannot vote in the election) and doesn’t think it’s right, since she is a paid subordinate.

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No, there’s no unwritten rule that you can’t tell people about jobs you’ve applied for.Jill feels very uncomfortable about this and asked me what to do, but I’m also at a loss! If you have good rapport with the director, I’d say something to her like, “Hey, while you’re running, I think it’s important not to ask employees to endorse you, because it’s going to look like a conflict of interest since you’re their boss, or may just make people feel like they don’t have a choice.” Otherwise, I’d tell Jill to ignore the request in the hopes that it was a one-off but that if it happens again, she should feel free to say “Oh, I’m not a member of the RSA” (plus, if she’s comfortable, “I think would look bad since I’m your employee and it would be seen as a conflict of interest”).Also, tell her to let you know if that does happen, because at that point you really do need to say something yourself if Jill doesn’t feel like her response put it to rest. Mentioning a layoff in a Linked In recommendation The company I work for recently laid off a lot of great people.My mentor said he didn’t tell me he applied for the same job as me because he was “bound by confidentiality” I have a mentor of sorts who I just found out had applied to the same job I had applied for and not told me, even though I had talked to him about the job and about my applying for it.The job ad was very public and expected (the previous person had left) so it’s not like he found out about the job from me.

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