Dating dance partner

I didn't expect to leave so soon but it is what it is." In the week before her departure, Tim was written-off from the competition after damaging his knee during rehearsals.

It was just as Naz was starting to perk-up after a bout of the flu.

Khanjani wouldn't guess who would take out the winning title.

And even after being eliminated from the competition on Monday night, host Sharyn Casey made a dig about not trusting her with the microphone on her exit speech, saying: "I've seen you on The Bachelor." It's perhaps no surprise that Naz now hates any utter of the show's title, let alone what happened during her time, telling us: "I hate talking about The Bachelor, it was so three years ago but I have no regrets in life and if it wasn't for The Bachelor, I wouldn't be here today.

"Tim's told me that he wants to continue teaching me and hopefully we will do some competitions in the future," she said.

After last night's eviction, Khanjani posted a photo to her injured dance partner of them together with the caption: "Tonight was for you".

Naz did talk about her time on the reality dating show on the AM Show on Tuesdsay morning. Khanjani was one of the better dancers on the show, wowing judges with her rendition of the tango with partner Tim Mullayanov.

Earlier this week Mullayanov suffered a knee injury, and the dance partner of the first evicted contestant, Gilda Kirkpatrick, stepped in.

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