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However, the duration of the "set up" phase varies significantly.

Some scammers fall in love and ask for money within 10 days, while others may correspond for 6-8 months before requesting any money.

These days, people are quick to throw the concept of neediness around without actually looking at what it is.

When that happens, their profiles on sites like Yahoo and indicate that they are from the USA, Canada, or Europe (that is because those sites no longer accept subscribers from Russia).

Many victims report that they received the first email from the scammer "out of the blue," and that they never belonged to any dating sites.

In order to have a truly fulfilling relationship (or even start a healthy relationship) with a great guy, you need to come from a place of strength, confidence, and fulfillment.

Whenever a relationship goes sour (or fails to launch), it’s almost always caused by some tiny fear, doubt, worry or insecurity that grows and festers until you feel overwhelmed by the whole ordeal. Your fears and worries compel you to confirm whether they’re real or imaginary.

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