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The user will add light, air and space, providing him with a genuine outdoor feeling. The revolutionary and multi-award-winning design is now in production and coming to an urban landscape near you.The first model is installed in an apartment building in Amsterdam in The Netherlands.In which size can the Bloomframe® window be produced? Fence dimensions from the surface of the glazed floor of the balcony to the top of the balustrade is around 1218mm.The Bloomframe® is available in the following dimensions: 1700mm (width) x 2400mm (height) 2300mm (width) x 2400mm (height) 3000mm (width) x 2400mm (height) What is the net surface of the balcony? The total height of the balustrade alone is 1222mm How do you avoid the danger of blocking/trapping?The net surface of the floor part is 3 m² for a Bloomframe® window of a maximum size (3000×2400 mm) Can you increase the deepness of the balcony until net 1,5m? The Bloomframe® window provides a slow opening of approximated 60 seconds.Both hands of the user are required during the opening and closing process.

If a guaranteed period of protection against fire is needed, it can be studied as an option.The system can be accessed remotely thereby allowing full system usage from any location globally, so long as there is a dial-up or cell signal available.This broker focused approach has been mutually beneficial to both ourselves and our clients with unsurpassed integrity for more than 15 years, and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our brokers real time.During the closure process, the remaining water on the glass surface will not leak to indoor space.Indeed, the Bloomframe® window threshold is equipped with a small gutter which deflects the runoff towards the drainage holes for the drainage of water outdoor. The Bloomframe® window works with a tubular motor that is positioned horizontally above the upper crosspiece of the Bloomframe® window (in the inside of the house, behind a protective cover).

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