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Bathgate students will move on to a middle school and high school that both have exemplary STEM programs embracing NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) including Engineering, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.

We need to prepare our students for success in middle school and high school by embedding more engineering opportunities in elementary school.

“Tag” is directed by Jeff Tomsic (Comedy Central’s “Broad City”), with a starring ensemble cast led by Ed Helms (The “Hangover” movies, “We’re the Millers”), Jake Johnson (TV’s “New Girl”), Annabelle Wallis (“The Mummy”), Rashida Jones (TV’s “Parks and Recreation”), Isla Fisher (“Now You See Me”), Leslie Bibb (“Iron Man 2”), Hannibal Buress (“Neighbors”), with Jon Hamm (“Baby Driver,” TV’s “Mad Men”) and Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner (“The Hurt Locker, “The Town”).Synopsis: Sarah’s grandmother has given her a “small beast”.Unsure what to expect, she discovers that the beast in question is a small, not terribly well-behaved pug called ‘Patrick’.In addition to developing an interest and knowledge base for STEM and enhanced inquiry skills, science instruction improves abilities in subjects outside of STEM, including literacy, language-learning, math, and executive functioning.A STEM/Innovation Lab would support our Bathgate students in their educational journey as they grow as scholars and life-long learners.

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