Dating and why women play games conscious singles dating site

Remember that men do have feelings, and they need to feel secure in a relationship, just as you do.

Would you really want a man with no ego or self-esteem at all?

As the woman, you have every right to determine the pace of the physical relationship and have no obligation whatsoever to indulge his desire to explore the wonderland of your body. Good men are willing to wait until you’re ready to enjoy the physical pleasures, but they don’t want to be tantalized to the brink of ecstasy only to have their privileges revoked when they are knocking on the door.

But you wouldn’t offer candy to a small child and then pull it away when he reaches for it. If you are going to look like Jessica Rabbit, talk a good sexual game and use your hands freely beneath his belt buckle.

If you want to let him know that he has work to do before you are really his girl, there are better ways.But too many games can also be a sign of insecurity, a attitude or even an early power-grab to get the upper hand in the relationship.Real relationships don’t thrive on gamesmanship, and it may even undermine your chances at a functional and enduring love affair.There’s a fine line between helping him see that you are attractive to other men and acting like you are attracted to them.This is a game for divas and should never be used on guys you really care about.

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