Dating advice shy girls

If that’s you - I’ve got two words for you: ”fake it!

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I've had this problem my whole life, and have almost given up hope of ever getting better -- to say nothing of getting a date.

Make it seem as though the two of you are in the same boat, and they’ll instantly feel more at ease.

This works great at a party or bar where you can say, ”I hate these things, don’t you?

3 Tips For Attracting (them) If YOU' RE the Shy One Role Player - If you’ve ever wanted to be an actor, this one is perfect for you. Then, envision yourself as that person, and go through the motions.

Come up with an image of who you think the coolest, sexiest person would be and how they would approach the object of your affection. Make sure you have it all down before you approach your guy (practice in the mirror if you have to), and then go for it.

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