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It was also the first newspaper in Britain to have a crossword puzzle.

The Express began printing copies in Manchester in 1927 and in 1931, the publication moved to 120 Fleet Street, a specially commissioned art deco building.

The Daily Express has a reputation for printing conspiracy theories about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales as front-page news, earning it the nickname the Daily Ex-Princess; this has been satirised in Private Eye, the newspaper being labelled the Diana Express or the Di'ly Express, and has been attributed to Desmond's close friendship with regular Eye target Mohamed Fayed.The paper's editorial stances have often been seen as aligned to the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Euroscepticism and many other right-wing factions including the right-wing of the Conservative Party.along with carrying gossip, sports, and women's features.The ASA noted that the pieces were 'always and uniquely favourable to the product featured in the accompanying ads and contained claims that have been or would be likely to be prohibited in advertisements' In January 2010, the Daily Express was censured by the Advertising Standards Authority over a front-page promotion for "free" fireworks.This led to comment that the Express has become "the Ryanair of Fleet Street", in that it is a "frequent offender" which pays little heed to the ASA's criticisms.

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