Dating abbreviations meanings

Dating slang is constantly evolving with new terms being coined all the time.

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These days, unless you know your terminology, it can be hard to work out exactly what a guy is into and just what he’s looking for. So we decided to round up some of the more common terms along with their definitions so you never need to be confused again…

Every generation devises its own shorthand, acronyms that years later may sound cringe-worthy and banal, but somehow perfectly capture the spirit of dating and relationships during a specific point in time.

For instance, there once was such as thing as MU, which stood for “Mutual Understanding,” a nebulous relationship state in which boy and girl were understood to like each other without actually declaring their attachment to each other as BF (boyfriend) and GF (girlfriend), thus leaving the door open to either a deepening of affections, or the possibility that someone else may steal either party.

If you need to know, then it’s time to have that conversation. Rather, a hygienically questionable action that many men nevertheless enjoy.

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