Dating a trap

Rather, we come “pre-packed,” with a head full of things we want and don’t want to happen.

And so naturally when we are hoping for a certain outcome or experience and it doesn’t happen, we feel disappointed/let down, i.e., we suffer.

Why pre-judge (be prejudice toward) something if you haven’t experienced it yet?

Besides setting yourself up for disappointment, oftentimes when we come with expectations, we give off a “needy” vibe that is usually a turn-off.

Not long ago, Egyptian Archaeologists discovered a huge 2,000-year-old sealed coffin, and as you’d imagine, they want to open it to see who or what is inside.

The sarcophagus was discovered in a tomb deep under the Egyptian city of Alexandria earlier this month (July 2018).

A Detailed Description of the Lost Land of Atlantis & The Real Reason For Their Downfall How Some of the World’s Elite Uses Black Magic Rituals To Conjure Up Entities For More Power & Control The sarcophagus wasn’t the only thing discovered in the tomb, there was also an alabaster head of a man who some believe could represent the person who is buried within the coffin.

It’s important to close on the note that, not all which has been discovered is presented to us.Well, sure enough not long after this I did meet a woman, and we are currently happily dating.But, like the guy said in the comment section, it didn’t happen until I learned to be genuinely happy in my own skin.Those last three words really hit me: “And not before.” I remember reading that and realizing that he was right. In other words, I could feel that I had belief running somewhere that said, “I can’t be happy unless I have a girlfriend.” And so, instead of focusing on trying to “get” someone, I made the decision to stop waiting to be happy and to just “do my thing” from a place of love and contentment.In other words, I discovered that the happiness and peace I had longed for was in someone else, but inside me all along.

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