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Sometimes women are the victims, sometimes they are the victimizers.Many a pastor has paid the ultimate price for sexual sins.

He was to “avoid such men as these.” These are the kind of men, Paul says, “who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses….” (3:6).

Timothy was a young pastor, and therefore needed to be forewarned about this kind of temptation.

His mentor, the Apostle Paul, spoke of the time when men in the church–not the world!

If she cannot worm her way into your life any other way, look for her to befriend your wife and begin showing up in your home on a regular basis. Maybe not the most beautiful woman in the world, but all things considered–her looks, her personality, her laughter, her spirituality, and a few other qualities that defy description–she is everything you ever wanted in a woman. You wonder if she does not pick up on all the vibrations your body is sending out. The problem is you keep being drawn to her and thrown with her (committees, work projects, etc). Pastor Ed Young of Houston’s Second Baptist Church told some of us pastors once that we should not counsel at all.

Unless your wife is on your team, nothing about this is good from that moment on. Because proximity fosters intimacy, unless you do something quickly, you are a goner. “All you need is for someone–man, woman, or child–to run out of the office accusing you of something, and your ministry is gone! Pastor Young said when someone says to him following a church service, “I need to talk to you sometime,” he says,”Let’s sit in this pew right now and talk.” It’s in public and it will be done quickly.

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