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But other times, it’s all about maximizing clients’ days off, which means trainers have to rise and grind when their partners may be off work.

“In other jobs, you’d think, ‘This is great—I’m going to get these vacation days,’ when actually it can be a much busier time for trainers,” says Sarah.

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Imagine always having someone around who will coax you out of bed for a winter workout on even the coldest of days or who can correct your plank form in a pinch.Sarah Dobbs, 29, a stay-at-home mom who previously worked in the fashion industry, has been married to a trainer for eight years.She opens up about what her relationship with her husband Kyle, 32, a fitness manager at Crunch in New York City, is like.“I’ve always been active, but being with Kyle has motivated me to get in the gym more and take care of myself,” says Sarah.Sure, sometimes Sarah feels like relaxing rather than hitting the gym—but when she can’t find the push in herself, she finds it in Kyle.

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