Dating a fraternity brother

There are living and social dues that must be paid.

Typically you end up closer to your fraternity brothers because you are with them so much.

*greek letters picked at random I've heard there is a social expectation that only frat guys should go out with sorority girls; and only sorority girls should go out with frat guys.

(Trying to give advice to someone I know...)I'd say that it would only be found in schools with a rich tradition of greek life (Southern schools) and even then I would say it's more of a self-selecting effect than actual active snobbery - for most frats/srats anyway.

" Apparently this mindset still exits....there is a web site called The rest of the campus simply ignored the whole greek system.

But if you had the right personality for it, it was a good lifestyle for some people, and usually led to getting a good job when you graduated.

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They looked down on the rest of the students the way that Marines look down on soldiers in the regular army; and within their own world, they ranked everbody by which Greek letters they wore on their T-shirts....

Brothers are expected to show up to the parties and help organize them.

You are expected to perform duties in the maintenance of the house.

Of course every Greek house at every school is different. Fraternities and sororities don't "expect" that you only hang out with your fraternity and it's sister sorority.

That said, you do have certain financial and social obligations to the house.

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