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Drucilla hopes that Lily’s father, Neil (Kristoff St.John), will reason with her; however, they end up helping him deal with his alcoholism.Khalil has stated she identifies as mixed race, she has three older brothers and a younger half sister, through her father.In January 2017, in the wake of President Donald Trump's signing of Executive Order 13769, Khalil revealed that her father is an immigrant from his native country of Pakistan.About Cane and Lily's second wedding, Goddard said that Cane and Lily have "certainly had a lot of ups and downs" but he thought their fans "stayed true and they have expressed their desire for what they want to see", Well, if you think about it as a storyteller the potential for interesting drama is much more interesting if Malcolm is the biological father and not Neil.

Winters is the daughter of supermodel-turned-executive Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell) born in the midst of a questioned paternity storyline, with Neil Winters (Kristoff St. Eleven years later, the storyline was readdressed with the revelation that Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore) is her biological father.Khalil spoke with Bell and the head of the wardrobe department about updating the dress.Bell agreed; there were "little details" about the original dress she wanted to keep, and it became "a really beautiful dress".Khalil described her happiness with her character's evolution, with more adult storylines and having to "deal with things like losing a baby or breaking off her engagement [to Cane]", Sherwood gave Lily more feistiness, although the character was never written as timid.Sherwood's interpretation drew comparisons to Lily's mother, Drucilla; that "fire" was brought into Daniel and Lily's relationship.

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