Dakota fanning dating tom cruise

'And that can be difficult, because sometimes who you are and the characters you play don’t match up.

Like, I found that when I was 12 the characters I responded to were emotional and sometimes dark, and I had to be true to that…

'And thinking about someone for whom none of these things will happen… Like’ – her big blue eyes widen – 'I wonder what my life will be…’ She is not one to discuss whether or not she has a boyfriend, but says that if she had a bucket list of her own, children would certainly be on it. She just has it all down.’ Like Now Is Good, Effie was filmed primarily in Britain.

that was what took me there.’ Fanning breaks the sombre mood with a bright laugh. 'I’ve had to learn not one but two British accents!

'I’m very grateful for that.’ Lately Fanning has begun to negotiate the (rocky, for some) transition into more adult roles.

In 2007, aged 13, she played a rape victim in the controversial Hounddog, and in 2010 wowed critics as a kohl-eyed, bustier-loving singer, Cherie Currie, in the jailbait-band biopic The Runaways. 'I think it’s important not to grow up in life too fast and not to grow up on screen too fast,’ she says, twirling strands of her hair around a finger.

Wearing a cornflower-blue minidress that makes her pale, polished-marble skin appear incomprehensibly luminous, she telegraphs a serene self-confidence, offset by occasional bursts of teenage gawkiness.

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Fanning is so committed to acting that she’s stayed in the sweltering city during her holidays to film Very Good Girls – about two teens vying to lose their virginity – alongside Elizabeth Olsen.As she speaks, Fanning’s hands are constantly in play, sweeping broad arcs through space and fluttering to her lap. With a little Hello Kitty thrown in.’ She erupts into a Tinker Bell-like giggle.She’s chatty and ebullient, especially when discussing something that gives her a particular thrill, such as living alone for the first time and being able to decorate her own flat. 'I think I was a Japanese schoolgirl in another life.That’s how much I love Hello Kitty.’ On her bookshelves she files her treasured Jeffrey Eugenides novels along with her 'favourite-ever’ film, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. 'I love who I am and I love my life but if I could be someone else I’d be Beyoncé in two seconds,’ she says. My mom and I have been pretty much together my whole life, because when I was working before I was 18 she was always with me.Being an East Coast college student constitutes Fanning’s first real shot of independence from her tight-knit family (including her younger sister, Elle, who has also shown herself to be a formidable talent, in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere and JJ Abrams’ Super 8). 'So I’ve missed her a lot, and I’ve missed my whole family and my house and dog, but then I appreciate it all so much more when I go home.

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