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Eventually, if they don't already realize that this is my life and it's not going to work, I shut them out of my life, because the imbalance is too great. people with too much time become really annoying to people under pressure.

So, if you are REALLY into this girl, who is also a mom, and it's not too late---- Get busy with something in your life, and send her flowers to show how you feel. Don't waste money on flowers, don't waste any more time on texting, emailing or trying to call.

And I agree it's not doing me any favours waiting for an answer.

I appreciate everyone’s criticism, and it does confirm my instincts...

I've been with a woman for 2 months now but in the last 2 weeks I’ve had no reply's to my email or text asking how she is and if we could meet up.NO responsibilities, groceries, errands, homework...... They call and want to know when they can see me, they watch t.v., go to happy hour, go to bed and start their day over.They have no idea what it is like to actually be REALLY BUSY, and how it feels like pressure when someone is going, "pay attention to me". my time is really precious to me, and I feel like the other person is simply..... I get really irritable when they want to tell me about what T. show they watched that day, because it just shows me that that my life, for the moment, is all about my priorities, when they are looking for someone to simply pass the time with.She'll call you when she's available, if she's into you, too, and eventually, you'll become a priority. She knows how to contact you, yet she has chosen not to.If you aren't really into her, just move on, it probably won't hurt her either. Salvage what is left of your pride and look for love elsewhere.

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