Current recordset d does not support updating locktype dts

Everything is called using a CL stored procedure that then calls an RPG "driver" program. The program first updates fields, then writes audit history messages.

The program appears to be "skipping" certain updates - the audit history notes will write but the fields haven't updated.

Then I get the error message "Row cannot be located for update...". On the subform, I have a button from which I have added code to email a report of the completion data to our wr completion mailbox. I also prefill many of the controls with information from the other tabs.

The table has a primary key and i can update if the current record contains no negative values. If the user clicks on any of the controls in the subform, the table is updated.

Details is: OS: Win2000 server(English version) SP4 C/A : V4R4 As400 OS: V4R4 I have tried to reinstall C/A even a newer version (V5R1), but the problem persists. I probably haven't been very clear on this so if anyone isn't sure then let me know. NET) that calls programs on the AS/400 thru client access.

The program allows an Internet user to update one or more fields on one file, then records audit history entries in a second file.

Hello, I use an ADO recordset in Visual Basic to connect to an i Series-table via ODBC (Client Access ODBC Driver) and have to update some records. Any ideas of why I cannot connect with ADO using SSL? Problem updating record from subform if it contains only prefilled values Hi - (This is my very first post) I have gotten to this point of registering to post because I have been spinning my wheels so long, I believe I am all caught up in the weeds. On one tab, I have a subform (wr_completion_subform).

This works fine until I want to update a record that contains a negative value. This subform is bound to a table (wr_completion_table).

One clue: I read somewhere where the record selector will turn to a pencil if it needs to be updated and will be an arrow if nothing to update. Move Next Do Events Loop End If End With Can anyone help me, please!?I have tried this and other methods I have stumbled upon in the usenet group. The table is bound to the subform, but I still added sql to check for the record existance and if not there, SQL to insert else SQL to update.First thing that springs to mind is commitment control. Oracle / Access import problem via ODBCHowdy: To follow up on a problem with MS Access (2000) and Oracle 9i (9.2.0.x) - History: I am trying to import tables from my Oracle 9i database on Red Hat Linux 7.2 to MS Access (2000) on NT. Open Table Name, cn, , , ad Cmd Table ' all records For Each cl In Input Range With rs . The issue is if I execute the exact same select statement more than twice in a row I will no longer get results back.Sounds like you're writing with Isolation Level other than *NONE but not committing your updates before quitting, resulting in an automatic rollback. I managed to turn on logging / debugging for ODBC connections and I got a few messages that I am unfamiliar with. For example using the following table CREATE TABLE EJWLIB.

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