Cross dressing and dating

She felt scared she would lose “the butch part of him—the manly part.” That didn’t happen.Over time, she came to terms with it: “There are worse things he could be doing, and I’ve found he’s the same guy I fell in love with before he broke out the Little Bo Peep outfit for Halloween.Most male cross-dressers I’ve met since then are heterosexual, married, and the last guys you’d imagine dressing like a girl.Many choose macho professions to help hide or mitigate the feminine side of themselves—jobs such as firefighter, auto mechanic, or plumber.

celebrates the collective inventiveness and liberation that the seemingly simple act of dressing differently provides.

Back then I don’t believe there was as much support available as there is now.

Guys reading this while wearing frilly garb might be concerned about being caught. You might want to look at the most recent edition of .

A male cross-dresser may derive sexual excitement by identifying with a woman, but he can still maintain a heterosexual consciousness when out in the world. I know he yearned for a female partner who would understand.

He especially hoped that one day he would marry a woman who could accept him with all his quirks and proclivities.

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