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I think the fast-paced style of the evening makes for a great way to very quickly and informally touch base with a vast number of people in the county.” Among the attendees at last years event were: Bridgwater College, Somerset County Gazette, Taunton Deane Borough Council, Miles Tea Rooms, Creative Somerset, Somerset County Council, Story Well, Illustrators, Filmmakers, Marketing Specialists, Accountants, Flamenco Specialists, Taunton Comedy Festival, Writers, Photographers, Voice Coaches, Graduates, Galleries, Venues, Festival Promoters and many more!

focused on creative strategies to make faculty meetings more engaging and valuable to teachers.

Some of these are transferable whoever is being studied: “Early life / upbringing”, “Greatest successes”, “Biggest mistake”, and so on.

Others though need to be tailored to the particular topic: for example, when studying Civil Rights campaigners, sensible headings might also be “Attitude to nonviolence” and “Contributions to particular campaigns”; in contrast, a study of Roman Emperors might use “Domestic achievements” and “Military prowess”.

Once these have been decided, the next step is for each student to research one key individual in order to make notes under the chosen headings.

Prior to the lesson, the classroom should ideally be arranged for paired work.

Each student then adjusts their original answer to accommodate any fresh ideas from the discussion, then moves to a fresh partner.

This process can be repeated over several rounds, and then a fresh question can be posed once all perspectives on the first one appear to have been absorbed.

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1-12), whilst the members of the second should be given a letter (e.g. Pair the students in the format A-1, B-2, C-3 and so on, then give each pair a strictly limited amount of time to judge the degree of similarity for each category (making brief notes and awarding a score from -2 to 2, for example) – my Class Tools countdown timer is ideal in this way for setting up a series of countdown clocks that can run in sequence: When the time is up, all of the ‘numbered’ students should move around so that we end up with new pairings (A-2, B-3 and so on, all the way up to L-1).

By enabling students to consider or research one area in depth, and then exchange their knowledge against the clock with classmates, it is an efficient means of sharing ideas and knowledge.

It works particularly well for topics where there are lots of key personalities to learn about: for example, in History this could involve a comparison of Roman Emperors, or the attitude of different types of people towards Hitler in Nazi Germany in.

This idea looked good on paper, but it was just too messy, I think, and so no one was signing up either way. Here is how it worked: Teachers were instructed to prepare to share one of their units. In reality, most teachers came away with 3-4 peer observations to participate in.

(We are fortunate that our grant is paying for sub time for these peer observations to happen.) Below are the documents I created for the activity. SPEED DATING Activity to review Ub Ds and sign up for observing DATES CARD for Speed Dating Observation Checklist and Comment Form Hi Karen, I highly recommend Educon for anyone passionate about public education and learning!

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