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Synonym for 'maintained hypothesis.' Source: Davidson and Mac Kinnon, 1993, p 78-79 Contexts: econometrics; statistics; estimation Americanist: A member of a certain subfield of political science.

Contexts: political science AMEX: American Stock Exchange, which is in New York City Contexts: organizations a ML: A programming language/environment for maximum likelihood estimation, allowing complicated error specifications. Contexts: estimation Amos: A statistical data analysis program, discussed at

The AIC is a number associated with each model: AIC=ln (s = (sum of squared residuals for model m)/T. The criterion may be minimized over choices of m to form a tradeoff between the fit of the model (which lowers the sum of squared residuals) and the model's complexity, which is measured by m.

Thus an AR(m) model versus an AR(m 1) can be compared by this criterion for a given batch of data. 5-18 Contexts: econometrics; time series alienation: A Marxist term.

If T falls in the rejection region, the null hypothesis is rejected.

Distinguished from linear which sometimes is meant to imply that the function has no constant term; that it is zero when the independent variables are zero.

In other words a partial explanation for R&D investments by firms is to work around the absorptive capacity constraint. Contexts: phrases accelerator principle: That it is the growth of output that induces continuing net investment.

That is, net investment is a function of the change in output not its level.

Source: Penson, Capps, and Rosson, 1996; Hallam, 1998 Contexts: agricultural economics; fields AIC: abbreviation for Akaike's Information Criterion Contexts: econometrics; time series; estimation AJS: An abbreviation for the American Journal of Sociology.

Contexts: journals Akaike's Information Criterion: A criterion for selecting among nested econometric models.

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