Consolidating databases access

I'll discuss the benefits of this process and provide links for further analysis and the migration process. The migration is comparably easy and straightforward.

Furthermore, you can keep the existing Access application and only migrate the database.

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I would Like to eliminate duplicates based on 4 columns - if this 4 columns are identical in more rows I would like them to be displayed only one time. See attached example: the first 2 entries should be consolidated into 1 entry.If the object is a table, it is created without keys and relationships. The queries from the Access database are converted into SQL Server Views. Most of the transformation errors are related to long text fields and dates.The best migration method is to use both tools: SSMA to migrate the schema and DTS/SSIS to migrate the data.You can only switch between Datasheet View and SQL View when working with union queries.To continue your study of this union query example, click Home SELECT [Product ID], [Order Date], [Company Name], [Transaction], [Quantity] FROM [Product Orders] UNION SELECT [Product ID], [Creation Date], [Company Name], [Transaction], [Quantity] FROM [Product Purchases] ORDER BY [Order Date] DESC; The first and the third parts of this SQL statement are essentially two select queries.

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