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'Development of Thought and Language: Vygotsky's Theoretical, Perspective a. General Cdnclusions and Recommendations for Educational Practice ^ page 228 IV.- EMPIRIC/VL BASE FOR THE EM6t I0NAL ANb SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF NORMAL ADOLESCENTS • • • * '"^ * ' ' • 1, Getieral Introduction ' r 24S ^2, Emotional Development' 2S2 — 252- X ii iii iv V vi vii - Emol J ,13 4". - Aggressive States Inhibitoty States - Fears ' - Inhibitory States - Anxiety and Worry Joyous and Happiness States or" Affectivity Self-Concept Social Development ■ , i. - Histogram of Typical Sleep in Young Adults.....: 121 4. T,, "Sex Differences in the Growth ©f Stature and it^ Component Segments of Hong Kong Chinese Children", in Zietschrift^ fur\ Morphologic und Anthropolog ie, 63(3), 323-340, 1972. S., "Child Rearing and Family Relationship Patterns of th\ Very Poor", in Welfare in Review , 3(1), 9-19, 1965.

Other Important Factors and Conditions Hurlock fl973)Uists the following predisposing causj^s o£ heightened emotionality: 1* Adjustment to new environments 2. Conger (1973) concludes that girls ^ cliques tend to be closer, more exclxisxve, more impregnable to outsiders and more' enduring while boys' cliques * tend to be niore democratic and flexible due to their emphasis on ath*- letic skills arid overall sociability (Coleman, 1961). " 315 SOCIAL PEVELQPMENT : OF : NORMAL ADOLESCENTS i Socio- Econt)mic . j Accotding to Conger (1972), sbcial and economic status is an important determinant for membership in crowds or cliqdbs. The adolescent will place emphasis on^^develop- ing a dating personality rather than interacting with the opposite- sex peer.

The approach consisted in developing/ ^ relevant and pertinent syiithesis of information, based on guality research studies, concexning the ^ physical, intellectual, sopial, and emotional characteristics of adolescents in the 12 to Wage group. synthesis as provided in -^is document wi^l bring greater awareness on the part of teachers of the necessity forv implementing educational processeis compatible wit H the need^s and char ACteristics of early adolescence and that, in^ addition, it will serve ^ advantageously as a valid and reliable basi^ for decision making relative to educational programs intended for -ehe intermediate division. (Author) * Documen * materia';|.s n * to obi:ain t * reproducibi * of the micr * via the ERI * responsible ,55c supplied by ts acgu ot avaji red by ERIC include many informal unpublisl^^d ab 16 from other sources. Nevertheless, items of marcfinal lity ate o'ften encounteted and this affects the" g^a^ity ofiche a W hardcopy reproductions" ERIC makes available C Docui^ent Reproduction Service (EDRS) . be ordered^ from: The University of Ottawa Press 65 Hastey Street- Ottawa, Ontario KIN 6N5 / ERIC . For example, winning or losing in a game where they are partners. learns a balance of control to satisfy his own needs while conforming socially^ an'd 4. ^ • \ Woronoff (1962) found that fast-growing girls appeared to have greater, self-confidence and better emotional adjustment than slow- growing girls; however, Jones and Jones (1962) in a study of material collected in the late 30 *s and early 40 *s, before World War II, con- cluded that early maturing was a disadvantage for girls. -( 19 75^ s 1 ow-matur tng ado les een ts^ — There- is— not- such-^ -great -need^ to confoi^ for the slow maturer as there is for his more mature age- mate • Modal Behaviour 28 . Eggman, "Parental Deval^ation: A Protection of Self Esteem", iii Journal of Coimse lling Psychology .

EDBS is ' not for the \guality of the original document. K ility ha^ anigrted this (l()cufiiy:^ NEEDS AND CHARACTERISTICS OF STUDENTS IN THE INTERMEDIATE YEARS, AGES 12-16 v.- ' A Comprehensive Review of the Literaturb 1930-1974 With Recommendfutrdnt for Educational Practice LIONEL DESJARLAIS. RACKAUSKAS, Rejsearch Officer ' 'A and co-authors: ^ FLOYD R. DAMUSIS JERRY WERMUTH DON STUSS This research project wa S funded under contract by the Ministry of Education, Ontario 1975 ii Mi iilii (£)The Minister of Education, "Ontario, 1975 Queen's Park • ' , Toronto, Ontario Printed by ' ' ' * . The actual fact of vvinning or losing does not affect the quality of interpersonal ' constructs in the (J older, more mature individual. the mature person is more likely to be directed at the instigator of hostility rather than at a neutral pferson. ^ becomes adept in assessing the appropriate emotional reaction to a situation before reacting to it.r Modal Behaviour 3 . No direct studies dealing with age and socio-ecbnomic -vari- ances v/ere found in this -search of the literature for this modal behaviour. Causes of heightened emotionality in .adolescence are multiple and will include, in .-addition to the rapid and markdd phy- sical changes accompanying the development of sexual matu- • • rity, such other factors as social change, physical health and nutrition (Hurlock, 1973; Offer, 1969; Josselyn,1968; Hlkind, 1967; Bronson., 1967; Crow and Crow, 1965), 273 • EMPIRICAL BASF. ^SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF NORMAL ADOLESCENTS ' " Variances , Ajge • The best ej^i^^ence suggests that heightened emotionality is greates^t during tfhe last tx^o years of childhood and the first two years pf adolescence (Hurlock,, 1973) . The adolescent oftpn becomes part of two basic peer groups .

Intermediate Years , Nevr Dimensions , September 1972 ^p&itularly with respect to the following quotation ^^lifted ^herefrom on ^ page 3 ^ , The need most often articulated by those concerned with the • intermediate level is for a consistent and coherent approach to th€^^edu€ation of the 17 to 1 6 ye a r olds- This approach should^ recojinize the unique nat^ire and needs of this age group without ^ being unduly influenced by the practices bf the divisions preceding and following the intermediate.

10 - INTRODUCTJON - In this connection,^ the authars of th0 present document hope they have satisfactorily met the prppbsai di-scussed, in the Position Paper • re Cyclic*^ Review : The. , ' / Carlsoli, R., "Stability and Change in the Adolescent's Self- Image", in Dii W_Devel^pme^ 36, 659-666, 1965. and Welsh, "Personality, Creative Potential in Talented High School Students", in Journal of Personality , 34, 445- 455, 1966.

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