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The Shah had only recently taken some of the territory under his control, and he was also busy with a dispute with the caliph in Baghdad, An-Nasir.

The Shah had refused to make the obligatory homage to the caliph as titular leader of Islam, and demanded recognition as Shah of his empire, without any of the usual bribes or pretenses.

As such, these villains came to honor thier clearly fake coupons to the restaurents, espeically The Tasty Treat, own by Saffron Masala and her father Coriander Cumin, the indian India sytile restaurent that inspired the change to begin with.

As such, because the owners trying to insist they never sent out coupons, let alone to villains, this enraged and insulted the villains in feeling like they came out here for nothing and declaired that the restaurents will be destroyed for this, along witht their owners!

She has now harbored great resentment torwords Rarity and Pinkie Pie as a result.

That's why she enlsited her absint-minded but talently magical daughter Happy Gourmand, who very unlike her mother, is open-minded to all forms of food but dutifully loves and listens to Zesty out of being a good daughter, to go and find her some helpers to "Correct these grivious misconceptions".

As such, Zesty Gourmand has fallen from social graces and lost her crediability as a critic, being fired from the Critics Union of Equestia and stripped of her status.

She has since sturggled to keep ahold of the Gourmand mansion that's been in her family for generations.

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Of further interest is that the caliph of Baghdad had attempted to instigate a war between the Mongols and the Shah some years before the Mongol invasion actually occurred.

However Inalchuq, the governor of the Khwarezmian city of Otrar, had the members of the caravan that came from Mongolia arrested, claiming that the caravan was a conspiracy against Khwarezmia.

It seems unlikely, however, that any members of the trade delegation were spies.

Let us conclude a firm treaty of friendship and peace." or he said "I am Khan of the lands of the rising sun while you are sultan those of the setting sun: Let us conclude a firm agreement of friendship and peace." The Mongols' original unification of all "people in felt tents", unifying the nomadic tribes in Mongolia and then the Turcomens and other nomadic peoples, had come with relatively little bloodshed, and almost no material loss.

The Mongol wars with the Jurchens however had shown how cruel the Mongols could be.

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