Common dating serena

For more solid proof, take a look at the video above for a full timeline of the alleged power couple's history.

Over the weekend, the 44-year-old rapper was spotted at the grand opening of the Yetunde Price Resource Center, an organization which offers assistance to victims of violence founded by Serena and sister Venus Williams.

To help others accomplish the same thing and to get a better understanding of people dimming their light, we spoke to relationship expert Dr.

Tiffanie Henry, who runs a private practice in Atlanta and has a website called My Intimate Details. Tiffanie: We always want that friend, that good guy friend or that good girlfriend that believes in us, that toots our horn for us, that is ride or die, that really knows our potential.

A lot of times that’s all people want in a relationship: Just acknowledge that you couldn’t go out and be the movie star, the singer, the actress, whoever you are without me staying at home and taking care of these kids.ABS: If you’re in a relationship with someone who’s extremely successful and may be further along in their career than you are, how do you keep your voice and still feel like an equal? Like, ‘I feel this is kind of one-sided.’I feel like you don’t appreciate the fact that I’m here to pick up the kids every afternoon at , so you don’t even have to think about trying to get off work early.Especially since you’re probably giving that person a lot of support? Tiffanie: I truly believe that everyone has a voice in a relationship. You have to be able to articulate to someone what it is that you need and sometimes we don’t know. I feel you think that dinner magically appears on your plate. I think there are people in your life that suggest that you do dim but you control it …These things all happen because I’m here and I need you to acknowledge that and say thank you. Tiffanie: Sometimes people stay in a relationship past the expiration date, because they’re trying to change someone else or hoping that person will change or wise up or see their light, when in actuality it was Common who needed to make the change. Everybody should be allowed and supported in pursuing their dream and shouldn’t have to dumb down their dream or whatever it is they want, so a person feels better.He was probably hanging in there longer than he needed to, hoping that she would come to her senses [and] recognize his sacrifice and what he was doing and his potential and all that. And once you see that, you realize you’re worth more and you don’t deserve that. If you feel you have to do that in a relationship, that’s not the relationship for you.

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