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In the 2010-2014 data set, the highest rate of infection was documented in 2014.

While the rate of HIV is relatively low compared to other counties with similar populations across the United States, getting tested is the most definitive option for gaining knowledge of one’s sexual status and paving the way for better sexual health in the greater Colorado Springs and El Paso County area.

New infections of HIV in Colorado Springs and El Paso County represent one of the commonly reported sexually transmitted diseases currently on the rise.

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The highest number and rate reported in El Paso County from 2010 to 20.

Primary and secondary syphilis is reported in far lower numbers in Colorado Springs than chlamydia and gonorrhea, and it continues to see a decrease as well, with 6 new cases reported to the CDPHS as of 2014, compared to 12 the year before.

Getting tested and treated for STDs in Colorado Springs should be simple and helps to make the area even healthier of communicable disease.

If you’re worried about waiting the few weeks it may take to visit your primary care physician or you’re wary of the potentially crowded waiting room at a free clinic, offers an option with the same standard of exemplary care that’s also fast, convenient and keeps your personal schedule in mind. While Colorado Springs and El Paso County currently sees a decline in the rate of new infections in the area, the numbers reported still reflect some of the highest across the state.

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