College educated women dating uneducated men

If you spend some time, as I have, interviewing professional matchmakers, you'll learn there is no shortage of college-educated women seeking to get married. In 2012, 34 percent more women than men graduated from U. “Students here tend not to date but have relationships,” one college review site wrote of the California Institute of Technology, which is over 60 percent male.

This "man deficit" has spilled over into the post-college dating market, giving educated men an incentive to delay marriage. Colleges with disproportionately high numbers of women tend to have the most intense hookup cultures, whereas campuses with enrollments that skew male tend to be those where monogamy still reigns.

Additional elements of the mating mind exacerbate it.

A key cause stems from the qualities women seek in committed mateships.

Every year, more women than men become college-educated.

The disparity is already prevalent across North America and Europe, and the trend is beginning to spread across the world more widely.

Some women opt out of the mating game by choice because they are unwilling to compromise their careers in the service of mating.

Although some progress has been made, it is still true that women suffer disproportionately from compromises between career and family.

Women and men both have evolved multiple mating strategies; some of each gender pursue casual hook-ups, some committed partnerships.

And some women hold out for an ever-smaller pool of men who are single, educated, and emotionally stable, who are not sexual players, and who can engage their intellect, sense of humor, emotional complexities, and sexual passions for more than just a night.

The good news for those who succeed is that marriages among the educated tend to be more stable, freer of conflict, less plagued by infidelity, and less likely to end in divorce.

Some alternate at different times of their lives, and some do both simultaneously.

And although a few social scientists deny the data, research overwhelmingly shows that men harbor, on average, a greater desire for sexual partner variety.

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