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And gay teens are statistically the highest at risk of suicide--so alienating them isn't exactly helpful! And while the film is a bit close to its subject--rather too touchy-feely--there's an important message here that needs to be shouted loud and strong. Mar.02 llgff This made-for-TV documentary is making the festival rounds, and it certainly offers an informative, entertaining look at the gay subculture ... Sometimes it seems to go to far with the medical diagrams and extremely frank discussion of exactly what happens during gay sexual encounters.

In terms of the audience he reaches, he also may be the one with the most far-reaching influence in the nation’s history.

These portions are actually both cleverly shot and very engaging, mostly due to the sheer personality on display from the interviewees.

There's a helpful glossary of terms running along the bottom of the screen, and overall the film will satisfy anyone's curiosity on the topic.

She also doesn't really deal with the schizophrenic life of a character performer--Lopez is two completely different people, in and out of costume, and we get lots of people observing that fact, but no one ever grappling with the idea.

Even so, it's very interesting, often funny, and Lopez in either guise is a charismatic presence.

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