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C., where the high-school comedy starring Alicia Silverstone as Beverly Hills fashion plate Cher Horowitz had a special screening as part of the Washington Jewish Film Festival and agreed to take a look back at her career with Roger

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These days, Heckerling, whose wild brunette hair and smudgy eyeliner exude as much punk attitude as ever at age 63, has joined in the wave of streaming entertainment by directing several episodes of Amazon’s ‘80s-set series “Red Oaks.” She also is working on a stage musical based on her “Clueless,” the 1995 hit that opened the door for the likes of “Legally Blonde” and “Mean Girls.” She recently was in Washington, D.

They got worried that this was some girly movie about abortion.

And, then, oddly enough they sent John Landis, who worked at Universal.

“Valley Girl” in 1983 relied on a special kind of lingo, but did you make up expressions like “Whatever? ” or “It’s amazing” or “It’s wonderful,” that adjective tells you what social strata you are in, what year you were born, where you live. It has evolved and changed, because a lot of stuff is texted. In this, Paul Rudd’s whole career is practically variations of Cher’s adorable ex-stepbrother, Josh. He did a Neil La Bute play, Bash, where he is a really horrible, violent guy. It was so smart to base a contemporary romantic comedy like “Clueless” on Jane Austen’s “Emma.” You beat the rush.

You go, “Ooh, that’s scary.” But it is still Paul Rudd. Later that same year, “Persuasion” and Ang Lee’s “Sense and Sensibility” were released.

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