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The links are broken down into what we call "Time/Areas" or simply "T/A's." Each of the T/A's are run by an Assistant Webmaster who is active in that period and holds a great love for it.

Not only will you find links to individual unit websites, but also those of overall "parent" organizations.

Not only does it create an uncomfortable environment for those who don’t or can’t drink, not only is it unsafe for that many people to be that intoxicated while being around weapons and fires, but it’s also counter to our stated goals of “experiencing history”.

Now, you're probably thinking "You mean like the Civil War stuff? ANY time period you can think of is reenacted today and we cover them all!

If historians relied solely on reenactors to paint a portrait of history, future scholars would assume that history was just one big battle after another.

I do recognize that reenacting did get its start as a form of wargaming and a way of recreating historical battles, but are you going to tell me that the hobby hasn’t evolved at all in the last two hundred years?

STOP: Using historical misogyny as an excuse for modern day misogyny.

STOP: Thinking of history solely as a series of wars and conflicts.

START: Thinking about how to bring reenacting into the civilian realm.

I’m not saying that everyone should look like they’ve just woke up in a dung heap, but Vietnam fatigues should look like they’ve been through a few rainstorms, petticoat hems should look like they’ve been outdoors, and shirts of all eras should look like they aren’t reacquainted with Chlorox every week.

Your clothing should have an appropriate amount of wear, be that what it will, and should be correctly washed when you do so.

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