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As a result, he and Maria had only brief moments together on weekends.In addition, Tony’s mother suffered a severe heart attack, leaving her in a very weakened condition.A time for vacations—vacations from work and vacations from school.But there is one type of vacation we shouldn’t be taking this summer—and that is from Church.A few weeks earlier, the priest had asked them to join a couple-to-couple marriage-preparation team.After the priest blessed the house, the couple awkwardly told him that they were uneasy to join the marriage-preparation team because of their elopement.

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Several years later, Tony and Maria are the parents of three young boys, actively participate at Sunday Mass, generously donate to charities and fulfill leadership roles in parish activities.

Maria’s parents, on the other hand, expressed their delight with the marriage.

For nearly 10 years following these nuptials, Tony and Maria faithfully attended Mass.

Does the Church hold up any paradigms for marriage to provide the framework for a Christ-centered marriage? The Church offers three icons from which we can learn how to live the married life: Christ the Bridegroom, Sts. These icons represent the three dimensions of marriage, the personal, the intimate, and the communal, respectively.

Collectively they give us an Orthodox model for marriage.

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