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He is best known for singles like "Stealing Cinderella" and "Man of the House".

The water rises to form a huge globule on the top of the plateau and when it's reached its maximum size, it falls with a terrific splash to the ground below, and flows away into the cracks of the moon.In 1960, at the time of the recording of this album, Joe Meek was most famous for his Outer Space inspired pop tunes.A string of hits and the proceeds from a multi-million selling song called Telstar had afforded him the opportunity to set up his own label and he was determined to develop his sound along the lines of what he regarded as his very unique ability to create what the populace wanted to hear.I'm reluctant to make the whole album available given the trauma Joe Meek went through due to his financial failure. It's just that I'm genuinely scared of the prospect of being haunted by Joe Meek.Somehow, I don't think his ghost would be a very reasonable one.

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