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So here are the signs that you need to be on your own.

And once you’re ready to get back out there, here’s How to Know She’s the One.

Ken Solin, Date Coach, Writer & Author TIP #2: Your Profile - Show, Don’t Tell Use words that are inviting.

Rather than describe what you like as if you are writing a list - take the person through the activity with you as if you are writing a scene in a play or book.

“You just got out of a relationship, and rather than taking time to reflect you instead immediately try to jump into meeting another person.” Soletti notes that this behavior also usually stems from fear of being alone, but it’s important to take time to heal and reset after a breakup. Then it’s definitely best to take the time to get over them before jumping into something new.

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I've found when my clients do this, the number of people writing to them goes up.Christine Baumgartner, Dating & Relationship Coach TIP #8: Look For Someone Nice Many women today are so distracted by new online strategies that they don't emphasize the most important factor to success with any kind of dating: look for the nice men.Whether you want a future husband, a boyfriend, or a casual hookup, you can't go wrong with a nice guy.“Instead, appreciate what you learned from your relationship. Sometimes dating with no luck for a long period of time can make you jaded.If you feel this way, it’s probably a good idea to take a breather from trying to meet people.

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