Christian siriano brad walsh dating

Siriano, season four winner of Cupid’s Advice: The Siriano-Walsh wedding had tons of style and incorporated so many personal touches.Take a page out of this celebrity couple’s book, and personalize your nuptials: 1.Venue: If you’re looking to personalize your wedding, start at square one–with the venue.Where you chose to have your wedding can say a lot about you and your betrothed.Other celebrities were also in attendance, including Alicia Silverstone, Jay Manuel, Danielle Brooks, Christina Hendricks, Anna Chlumsky, and Kelly Osbourne.

If you’re both outdoorsy, have your ceremony on a beach or in a field. Let the setting of your ceremony be the backdrop for who you two are as a couple.

If you grew up in a family that is connected to their culture, let it shine through in the cuisine.

Whether it’s traditional Indian, Chinese, or Italian, your heritage is a big part of who you are, and the food was no doubt a big part of your life growing up.

Then it became a fun idea for the whole event to be a white wedding.”.

Johnston is a good friend of the couple and according to Siriano, she got ordained just for the special occasion.

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